Hacking Suspicion?

Today My Alt Was Banned Just Because Its A New Account It Was Banned For A Hacking Suspicion They Cant Do This Im Legit Getting Frustrated Im Boutta Legit Smash A 3K PC R They Finna Pay they Hundreds Of Dollars Ive put Into Pw Back Into My Pocket i dont hack i legit play the game fair asf i want my account unbanned i want this resolved i want to figure out how u can do this to me all because u dislike me ALt Accout Name Was KeyAlt Eaxplain HOW U CAN BAN ME EITHER PAY ME MY 600$ BACK GIMME MY ACCOUNT BACK OR U DESERVE TO ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BANNING N MAYBE U SHOULD BE WATCHING TO SEE IF I HACK OR NOT CUZ I DONT I DONT WANT BANNED LIKE WHAT U JUST ■■■■■■■ DID I legit tape my mouse down so it holds click i spam z and c with one hand and use my other hand to place on my mothers phone or my brothers phone and i use my phone aswell so i have 3 accounts running almost always. I dont cheat i try to make it to where i have better sucess of getting the worlds im glad i obtained the world QWN I Just Want My World Back I DONT CHEAT AT ALL I JUST WANT HELP CAN I GET THIS RESOLVED ON MY ALT ACCOUNT CAN IT JUST BE BANNED FOR 3 DAYS LIKE MY MAIN ACCOUNT.??


My new account was also banned for hacking reasons, I don’t know what the developers thought, my items in that account were quite a lot, I became frustrated because I couldn’t take my items, not to mention I sold items on pwe, and those items will disappear within 30 days, and the finished banned time is 360 days

Like what? You lost your alt, it’s nothing, unless you put in there illegal items lmao, I dont understand why are you so mad, did you invest in that 600 dollars or something lmao.

I am banned 30 days I don’t cheat

Dude chill out, just email support.

Well atleast it’s not even 10 YEARS, you can just get your account back in like a month or so, there’s nothing to worry about, prob just someone keep spam report you

you smashing your 4090/3060 wont get your account back

it is probably gonna turn into 10 years

I was hacked if this is who I am supposed to email tell me


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