Half World orbs

My suggestion is an orb that can only effect parts of worlds, so as an example if u use a city orb
only a part of the world gets effected by the orb. Which area and how big u can choose urself.
It works on weather orbs too.
What do u think?


Cool idea, probably will take a lot of time to make though.

Hmm this could be cool but could also be weird at the same time

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It would be interesting of how this feature would be used to make more immersive WOTW.

Ohh I have an idea maybe an orb lock kinda like a large lock and u can customise where the orb goes

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Instead of having an Orb fill only half the world, instead you could mix the layers of different orbs. I know this isnt fully what this topic asks for, but i still think it would be cool, for example have the “back” layer of the city orb and then you can put the front layer of the sand orb on top, so you have a city in a desert. I am sure there are many more possibilities with this.
Regarding fishing, the orb with the “most layers of it” is chosen, if multiple orbs share the “most layers” title, the newest of them is seen as the worlds orb.

Huh, wonder where you got this idea from

My clan leader ALPHACELL is building on a new WOTW and we talked bout this.