Happy Anniversary Pixel Worlds!

Happy Pixel Worlds anniversary guys! It is currently 12 am on Jan. 21st. Happy 5th anniversary!


How obnoxious of you, Mr Moose.

ooo boy here we go again…

Hi Ephus, no long time no see!

You have no rhythm. You are ridiculous and obnoxious. You are the moral equivalent of a leech. You are a living emptiness, a meaningless void. You are sour and senile. You are a disease, you puerile one-handed slack-jawed , drooling meatslapper.

I know I keep saying this but it’s not Ephus, but a horrible frame on Ephus himself.

Welcome back, YTBoyz.

Rly, why would anyone spend time on this?

Yeah. And there’s evidence I have that proves it.

Look at me when you talking, not the mirror

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Yes, but if you do anything that mess this up, I’ll remove.


Just join.

True, these are rudimentary skills that many of us “normal” people take for granted that everyone has an easy time of mastering. It just wouldn’t have been “right”. Sort of like parking in a handicap space. I wish you the best of luck in the emotional, and social struggles that seem to be placing such a demand on you.