Happy April Fool's Day!

Now give me a rickroll link with free PL in the thumbnail!

Sad, rickrolls are copyright claimed, hence the video cannot be viewed by others


its not april fools day yet :sunglasses:

No it apperantly is… Happy birthday my dog!

Aw sad this isn’t a rickroll. I’ll be rickrolling in discord stream if ppl does stream there. I pray for no strikes or do I think this is really immature. Thanks for trying I guess.

It’s not April Fools Day :flushed:

I mean, timezones exists so…

I thought the joke was that it’s actually not april 1st and you post this
But you ruined what could’ve been a genius prank


100% true lol

20 characters or more idk im typing becuz im hell bored rn…

Ay, mission failed. Well get them next time.

Look! a flying Pig!!

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Aprilliä aprilliä, syö silliä, ja juo kuravettä päälle!

April April, eat herring, and drink mudwater.


Where Rick Astley???

We don’t celebrate April Fools :stuck_out_tongue:

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Free PL here > https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ


^ How to get free dark pickaxe in less than 1 hour

finnish rickroll, king of the roads.

not 1st april for me yet:(

I’m quite sure it’s now.

Here’s the real free dark pickaxe video!

I don’t understand a word