Hardest Jetrace World

Hello everyone, i am here to announce the opening of (possibly) the hardest jetrace world in Pixel Worlds named TRIAL

(Yes, i am aware this picture is extremely corny)

Well you’re here for the 5pl giveaway anyway so let’s cut to the chase:

  • Task is simple, just complete this world start to finish, but there is one rule: you need to record yourself.
  • Due to the game’s status where ghost/teleportation hacking is extremely common, you need to record yourself beating it(i know, pretty lame but this the only way)
  • Upload your video (publicly or privately) on Youtube and send it either to smile70 on the forums or smile70#0787 on discord, the video must contain you completing every level and get to the finish.
  • Editing of the video will be appreciated (but not necessary), for the sake of your time (uploading it to youtube) and for mine (reviewing it).
  • Giveaway ends on April 28th 2021 (or until someone beats the world)
  • Good luck to everyone who will attempt this, you’re going to need it.



That sounds like a lot of fun, but I have a question, if I disconnect do I have to start over?

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I like the artwork for the world name ill give it a try

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nice but I am too lazy to record…and yeah

Ok bro i bet it’s impossible. The first stage is the hardest thing in my life

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not a good idea making the first level extremely hard. Gonna take a while until anyone beats it. No chance for noobs to win either.

This might require pure luck and a tiny bit of skill

What do you think?

It’s actually not that difficult, and i’ve seen mobile players do it pretty easily when testing.

This is not a WOTW attempt, it’s not intended for unskilled players.

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free wls, again.


I love it :rofl: :sunglasses:

Has anyone finished it yet to know that its actually possible to beat?

yes sieggy did in 2 hours i think? idk

Sooo, the winner definitely wasn’t Sieggy, and he definitely didn’t do it in two hours.
Anyways, here’s me giving my good friend (not Sieggy) 5pl because he is such a good friend

Bro made my hellish map look like a walk in the park :sob:

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He was probably running a marathon while he did it too.

yeah, it was a nice park indeed. still were missing some flowers.

also i hope i won’t get banned permanently for the prize i recieved lol, then this thread is enough to give evidence

Well, Sieggy is Sieggy

I will do it tomorrow
I will lose lol bcs im unlucky
Sieggy won?

bruh moment #3 pt. 2

Just to save myself the embarassment, the world is still extremely hard. Sieggy is just a different breed.

sad i missed it…
(20 characteors)