Has much to say on the subject! <3

(Has much to say on the subject! <3 | Fandom)

I have been playing Pixel Worlds for about a month now and it is very quickly becoming one of my favorite games! I enjoy PVP, farming and PWE trading over the other elements of the game.

I found that communication in Pixel Worlds needs much more attention. The exit messages in general chat (Pixel Station and other popular worlds) needs an option to disable them as they are just so spamy! I would like to be able to teleport to my clan members worlds and add them as a friend with the clan window, I would also like the option to opt out of it allowing people to warp to worlds, perhaps a form a lock or device?.

There are many game elements and I appreciate the unique combination of fishing, mining, flying, trading and platformer games and now also cards! I think there could be more Minecraft like elements to Pixel Worlds; for example, the generation of new worlds could be much more diverse with Biome tiles sets, Much more diverse land generation (big arching cliffs and wandering caves) and collectable world sizes. The worlds themselves could have equip slots encompassing world mods, for; lighting, weather, addition and subtraction of Collums and Rows to world size, buoyancy, gravity, block regeneration rate (in case of a spike bomb? ). Climate for types of trees. ( ± regeneration time, yield and, durability?) or perhaps level able locks which have slots.

Blocks that move would be fun, not unlike the Hoppers, Droppers and Pistons from Minecraft!

I think that Armor needs its own category in the PWE, The Costumes are awesome but armor and weapons could use more attention. for example, melee weapons could do a lot of damage up close and ranged weapons could do a smaller amount of damage over a longer distance. There would be more circumstance for collectable mods on wearables, and may open more circumstance for item and character specific skills and abilities and may solve some animation glitches!

Leveling up needs to be a more valuable event. Skill and Stat points or something of the sort would accomplish this and would greatly diversify PVP, which is already fun but lacks diversity with the world PVP being the only real option for pvping. Though the world is awesome, it is the only world and in being so greatly reduces player interest in it, PVP that is!..

Being able to smash blocks in different methods would make for more interesting interactions with other players, explosions that damage blocks in a diameter or square, and lasers that destroy rows or columns at rate and blocks specifically meant to be placed and used as a device’s in PVP events. Blocks that can be placed and picked up as a weapon action.

Interactions of blocks could be an interesting feature too! (electric traps/water, lava/wood magic stuff/nether crystal?)

I think there could lists and scores, and character accomplishments in the player profile, being able to carry a PVP battle score through a portal to another would also be really awesome.

In my world A001, Players can place blocks/destroy blocks as can I, but I can’t participate in PVP do to I break blocks when inside locks when i swing. I would like the “Start Battle button” to disable the lock owner’s ability to damage blocks, or an option in a lock for the lock owner.

All in all I really like this game and i recommend it to any one reading or through exchange of mouth indirectly hearing me !