Hasanege200 wants to be a mod

This text will be blurred

Also make me mod cus I ban hackers scammers and rule breakers (:
And I liked jake too

Is this sarcasm

I would say make a thread to ask to be a mod will highly reduce your chances, so don’t do it ok?

Oh and don’t make fake quotes. Thanks.

Please stop promoting yourself till you become a moderator.
Don’t compare yourself with others. Let others compare themselves to you.
It’s not a game of luck to become a moderator, I am sorry.

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By that case I should’ve been a moderator too.
Oh and I like how this guy fake quotes people and tries to be a moderator, like, do you have no shame?
It’s not about you actually becoming a moderator but some random 8 year old on the internet actually thinking those were real.
If he gets chosen, I am officially quitting all of pixel worlds.