Have you overpaid?

Dear Pixelians,

Is their an item/world that you’ve wanted so so much, you decided to overpay?

Mine was around 3 years ago when I bought this 3 letter world which was cleared, had an alien orb and the entrance had a little storage unit and a few other bits and bobs.

At the time I wanted to make a “main world” for myself and just thought I NEEDED this.

I paid around 80wls for this world, the seller absolutely finessed me. He came back like 2 hours later with his mate and said “lol” “how much did you buy the world for” “he found for free decay”. Then they left. I felt humiliated and eventhough I continued to build upon the world I ended up creating a completely new main world about 2 months later. The seller would usually pop into the world like every month or 2 to see what’s happening then leave.

I’ve kept the world anonymous, but if you’re the seller, you know who you are, I will look for you, I will find you.

some months ago i was looking to buy a BH for so long and so obsessively while continuosly increasing the offer that i made it rise by a few million before i actually got someone to take my offer

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A few years ago I really wanted the Rich Boy set, and I didn’t have the jacket. Someone said I only needed 1 world lock, so I believed them. I went to a person that was selling the jacket for 4 world locks and I knew I was overpaying. But I didn’t care I wanted it. After the trade was done, he said “Stupid noob, it’s one world lock not 4 lol, you stupid”. I regret not saying “At least I could’ve afforded it”.


Sometimes I do overpay for items, I don’t care if I could get that item for less, I value my time, and most of the time I only overpay for items I really like, or the ones I know will rise in near future.

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I dont buy items on overpay bc i dont have enough bytes for pay :upside_down_face:

I don’t buy items because I don’t buy them.