Have you saw a drop game made by your friend?

so been 2 times i was on a nether and my friend ask me to come to the world.He made a drop game and i doesn’t drop anything i keep chatting until he angry to me and ban me. the second when i was farming and buying weapon and he ask to warp so i warp same thing happen (forgot to record the second one XD)is this happen to you too? well i report them

Never happened to me. But if that happened I would probably remove it from my friends . Because i know that none of my friends would do that.:frowning:

it happens to me sometimes to the player who i know 1 week and earlier… and in some very rare cases even a friend who i know 1 month or more will try to drop game me. (this all happenned in 2019)

Well, it would be surprising to find a friend of mine hosting a drop game.

Even if such friends exist, I wouldn’t even consider them a friend anymore and remove them :slightly_smiling_face:

yea it happened to me i told to people in the thing to stop being stupid and leave since its a scam

I had a friend host a drop game i was a noob and fell for it but surprisingly he never removed me after he scammed me.

Yes, my friend did it and idk why but in the drope game there was other friend of me and the friend scamner and they just played the drope game and be scamned every time, and they just droped again their item, maybe i was the only to saw the playeur was scamning we and i tried to say it and he ban me X) (sorry if my english is bad, i am french)