Hear me out ,

I’ve had enough of deflation
To fix this economy we need developers to print our more byte coins and distribute them.

But you may say " Nono Days this will cause inflation googoogaaagaa", duh shush

Do you not want your assets to to cost what they SHOULD cost?

Back when items were inflated, it was sweet.
I would sacrifice anything to bring back those times.

The extremist capitalistic superpowers are manipulating this monopoly of a game and I don’t like this corruption if it doesn’t benefit me !

You’re speaking for the whole of the community.

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do you think just because there are more bytes your items are worth more?


there is no correct price, the concept of a stable economy died in late 2021

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who is a capitalist now?


The duality of a Pixelian player

No I just liked it when the prices for my items were higher

Prices of the items scale with other items so higher pruces don’t necessarily mean more expensive prices.