Heart Background origins

I was going through my storage and found a “Heart Background”, which is non-crossbreedable, and it isn’t in the candyworld booster either. Checked the wiki, it said it was from the booster, which it wasn’t, so is it just un-obtainable background now? Here’s what it looks like:

I dont know about that at all but Sounds quite interesting

It was a VIP Dailybonus side prize but people farmed it.

It was from the VIP Daily Bonus, and it’s indeed farmable.
I used to farm those and I still have a couple of seeds.

Oh, alright thanks for the info. It is farmable yeah, I was just confused as to where it came from

Still, feels odd that it has only ever been obtainable from the VIP daily bonus.

Does the Heart Block also not come from the booster? Since from what I know, it was obtained via V.I.P Daily Bonus as well.

Here’s how it looks like :

(Same goes for the Lifebuoy and Quicksand)

Indeed, the Heart Block also was available in the VIP Daily Bonus.
It’s farmable also.