Heart Graffiti

I just wan to ask why the Heart Graffiti’s part 1-3 so much more expensive are than the others???
(below the parts 1(expnsive) and 4 (cheap))
heart part 1
heart part 4

It gets more expensive if it’s hard to be obtained or by pure luck (ex. you can get one by breaking blocks, fishing, nether)

But why arae these parts so hard obtainable?

You can be farm only from Pack Blocks those Graffitis

Only Valentine Blocks drop these Graffitis !

It’s because they are limited items (only obtainable from valentine event) and has a low chance of dropping by doing the events I’ve mentions above.

But why are only the parts 1-3 so expensive, the rest is cheap but all are only obtainable during valentines event?

Seasonal Graffitis’ (Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Summer, Halloween, Xmas and New Year) Parts are obtainable from:

Parts 1-3: Breaking Blocks
Parts 4-6: Netherworld
Parts 7-9: Fishing

So, to summarize. Parts 1-3 are expensive because they can only be obtained by Breaking Blocks and since there’s only a considerable amount of Farmers (Farming certain Blocks, Props and Backgrounds) thus making the price of Parts 1-3 expensive.


Well in this case, not every block in the game works.

Heart Graffiti parts 1 to 3 are only obtainable by breaking chocolate blocks, such as Milk Chocolate Block, Dark Chocolate Block and Choco Deco Block, not every block from the booster.

Here’s a picture for reference.


Thank you guys,now i understand.