Hello again:D

Sooo I’ve caught another scammer, haha I should be jake 2.0 I find scammers daily. Anyway ____ or should I say ____ in another account has been scamming tons of items lately and I’d love to stop that by him getting banned permanently for scamming and also doing elligal stuff as playing the legendary Micro game. This guy can be seen in alot of P2P worlds since he plays it alot and rips people off by fake accusation or just scamming them by hosting.
I can’t write anymlrd but have a good day:)

They are alot now everywhere :smiley:

This is the second time you are doing name shaming. Please stop and dm a moderator instead of making a public forum thread (especially for name shaming as it’s not allowed).

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please we warned you alot, someone got perma banned for naming and shaming. dont do this again.

@RetNos @ghost2130 My bad Didnt know I just made this acc and tbh im new to the forums since i got banned in the discord:(

its okay i didnt know it aswell, just try to remember when mod and others warn you :smiley:

hi and i like ducks becaues why nhot