Hello and who can help

I am Ronen I want help to communty but idk how

Bro… Your kinda spamming maybe not idk a lot of your threads you type like 3 words

To help just be nice to people donate some people report scammers I guess.

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You should ask yourself that question. I think your thread is in the wrong sub-forum.


“Hello and who can help”
“I want to help to community”

Nice. Just help others with price etc. Ez-

Ronen, not gonna lie your threads are very useless, to atleast help the community a little, you’ll have to make threads you’ve thought first before making a thread, also if your thread is just one sentence, better just message a person asking this question

Also if your below the age requirement of both the game and forum you should delete both apps


Dang bro you wilding

This aint your personal space, there are other people here who want to read real things not just kids wanting to become moderator to get free world locks.