Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum, hope we see each other often!

Hello, I’m Mindaw, a 17-year-old teenage boy from Indonesia :indonesia: who likes to improve one’s body, mind, and external things. And I’m a Pixel Worlds Enthusiast! :grin:

I hope we can help and chat with each other in this forum. By the way, this is the first game forum that I have ever joined and I am so excited! Pixel Worlds is also the only I game I am playing right now.:heart:

I played Growtopia when I was little, I got scammed in the end because I trusted a lot of people.

Then. I started playing Pixel Worlds for nostalgia. Couldn’t expect it, I got in love with Pixel Worlds immediately because of you and the supportive community :heart:! Pixel Worlds has taught me the better side of human psychology.:v:

I post content about my knowledge and experience in the game, and tips to improve your real-life and game-life! I do these sincerely to help others and also make the information in my mind stronger. :muscle:

Make sure you read my posts! :ok_hand:
you cam comment on them if you want, I will reply as soon as I can.:fire:

you can add me in the game as well.:arrow_down_small: See you in Pixel Worlds! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:
IGN : Mindaw


Eyyyyy welcome to the forums, man! Hope you’ll have a nice time here!
p.s. yeah, would be cool if I could add you in game


Hi there!

Yes we can add each other, are you online now?

Yep! Where would you like to meet?

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Let’s meet at GADGETFARM! I can only add because I’m at a family reunion, let’s talk and hangout later when I have time.

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Welcome! :stuck_out_tongue:
You’ll love this place :pray:
Hope to see you here more! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Xeo, Thank you!

I hope to see you more here too, Let’s get along! :muscle:

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nice. hi

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Hi there! I hope we see each other often in the forum.:fire::fire:

No problem! :muscle: :stuck_out_tongue:
I like to welcome new people :wave:


Well hi and u probably see the active forumers often if u are active

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Always nice to see New forumers! :grin:


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Hello Fazeus, Thank you! :grin:

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hey bud, not bad for the first post you get more likes than me hehe. Anyways you can contact me if you need any pointers :slight_smile:

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Hello mrdeath, I hope I can be a help to you and other active forumers! :grin:

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Hello TiberiusZgo! Thank you for the praise :grin:

Okay bud!

Hey, welcome to the forums, nice to see a new member.

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Have a nice time and follow the rules :slight_smile:

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where is the part about wanting to become a moderator that i dont see in your bio anymore :eyes:

welcome anyway, have a good time.

Hello fyn, Thank you!

I hope we get along with each other. :sparkles: