Hello old friends

Hey guys some of you probably remember me. I was curious and wanted to check the forums again but sadly they removed everything? Anyways how is everyone doing and did the game get more popular?


Hey PokerFace. Long time no see. Welcome to the new forums.

I’m doing alright, hope the same goes for you. To answer your question, no the game has not gotten more popular. Still has a decent playerbase though.


Devs said they did a backup of the old forums… but for now we can’t access it… Well i’m kinda fine (having transgender thoughts) but except this, i guess i’m fine… What about you ?


Welcome back, no clue who you are but I think we will get along well! :grin:

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hey, although I dont know you, welcome to the new forums I guess. Im doing well. Anyways the game is gaining and losing players at the same time so you could say it is sort of dying but at the same time still kind of famous.


Real Pokerface?


Sorry to let you know. But your worlds have decayed in your absence from the game


Same, real PokerFace?


fake PokerFace?


Ahh haha yea i had like 500+ worlds locked. Its alright to im not playing pw anymore

Good to see you again.

Currently, theres few people online every day. I only play to build cool worlds and now I just barely play at all the last few days. Due to the very small amount of people online, making a world popular is impossible. One GM brings 1- 3 people at times. You feel the the lack of players throughout the day, its not weird to go to TRADE and only for 7 people to be there. At night its even worse, like a ghost town.

It’s maybe because people are in their job and also this is due to school, personally i’m jobless, meaning i can be on during all the day… and i’m maybe one of the only one in this case among the active persons on the forums and maybe in game… Don’t worry :wink: during blacktower, trades worlds will be full