Hello people

Hewwo fwends. It’s uw boi xXPS5GamewXx back at it again with the YouTube videos. Today we’we going to be weviewing this game cawwed “Hawf-Wife”…

Bring back old forums or R I O T.

Whoa they have <color=#00FFFF>L O R E?. (rip bbcode)
[color=#00FFFF]it work?[/color]

Okay I’ll stay. Weird layout/GUI but okay, see you all around in-game.

Pretty sure the old forums are gone forever, so you’re stuck with this. You’ll get used to it.

Pretty new to forums, but I have seen the old forums back then…

I personally like the new forums way more than the old ones.

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I definitely agree.
There are some improvements to be made in this one, but it is new after all.