Hello pixelians!

Nice to meet y’all :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :dizzy:

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Hallo there! You new to the forums or have been in it in the past?

Im new here :slight_smile:

oh then welcome to the new forums (that goes for all of us)

Hello to you too :eyes:

Nice to meet you too

Thank youu :slight_smile:

Hello wight :star_struck:

Nice to meet u too, Blackwight😊

Welcome, nice to meet you too.

Hello! Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to the forums blackwight!
Are you new here? And nice to meet you too

Hello everybody :wave: and I still don’t know how forums work

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You’ll get used to them! Check your DMs, you should have one from discobot, which’ll help you learn how to use the forums.

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Hey Queenky! Enjoy your time on the forums.

Hello @Queenky, and welcome to the forums! If you need any help you can always ask for it. Hope you have a nice time in the forums. (:

Hey @XpertBeast thank you :slight_smile:

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@HeyRicky thank you so much, nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Woah thanks for the info :slight_smile: i still don’t know how forums work xd

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