Help admins

iopened my account today and ididnt find my dual spirit blade yesterday iwas playing and ihad it ididnt join any world becuse my recent worlds are the same and ididnt find it droped or in a chest or in the bank please help its the only item ihad no one knows my email or password and the password is quite difficult to know

You should contact with developers using this support e-mail:

Unfortunately they will not return your lost items, because you are obligated to cover your account/items.

Password doesn’t even matter tbh.

you could of got hacked someone could of guessed your password you won’t get your items back. if they got lost from a glitch then they may return your items
like what @Winter_Kangaroo said contact

i only lost the blades idont think the hacker is that dumb

the password is not easy and does not make any sense in english

also idk how to contact the support

you email them. they gave you an email.

simplify go to google, search email, login,start a mail thread, copy paste , make a message and sent.