Help i need sum pRo advice

Hey duds, i have 2pl pures rn while investing an item i wanted to profit
2pl is enough to buy an epic pick or an gear set+ master pick.
Or i buy an carbon superior with an epic fishing set, with swagg baits.
Or nether?
I need ur swagg advice or epic advice
nether is no swagg but idk who knows nether is best.

If you like fishing do fishing
if you like mining do mining
That’s your decision to make not ours.

I like both, i need the better profit.

Mining gets more gems than fishing, if you’re a tryhard or a grinder then do mining if material gain is your main desire.

Mining but seriously there are too many of these topics ppl asking what’s better mining or fishing

ok but whats better OnE epic pickaxe OR master pickaxe with epic set and keys

And I’ll always give the answer, mining is for grinders, fishing is for social chill people who prefer sanity over wealth

He doesn’t like fishing, he likes Fising

Very bad joke indeed


10/10 joke but I cant flag it as a joke cuz it’ll get deleted for no reason

Nah im just to poor to afford H in my name


It’s your choice on where you are comfortable with, mining or fishing. but as neo mentioned, mining is profitable than fishing :pensive:.

Remember, using all your time profiting gives you boredom.

I have wasted arround 3 years on pixel worlds.
That means i am officially no life player?
I should get a special title/mention for that

It means your a veteran and a pro Fising guy

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Depends what you want, if you want to full on grind you should do mining/nether, but if you wanna chill you should fish.

Don’t do nether 5 times less profit than mining