Help in nether for starters!

If you wanna do nether but your new to it read here!

NETHER - a place where you fight monsters and do some parkour to get crystals

•To go to the Nether you must need some red scrolls if you did your starter quests you may get some , you can also buy them in the shop
For 150 Gems each.

•Tips on fighting the monsters

  • try to hit the monsters with out getting hurt
  • dodge the monsters when they try to attack you

(Always get the crystals in the prize chests)

•nether parkour tips
-try to avoid the spikes or lava

• armour for nether
-try to get armour to lessen the damage from monsters
-try to get armor that is in your budget but is still good armor

-That’s all thanks for reading ! :heart:

In game name - PixelFart


Hmm yes, the floor here is made of floor

Informative thread, but when i go to nether, i’d alays get the D A M A G E.

i have to risk off my HP to escape and to take all the treasure and the xp

I do appreciate your attempt to try, but all of this is basically “Did you know that you’ll die if you lose all your health?! Pretty crazy bro!”

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