Help I've got a problem

Hello I’m new user to use this forum so i want to talk with you guys about something.
In 2021 i was hanging around with my little brother on this game, several times he said that he’s selling his items for growtopia items. I told him to stop because he’s getting banned.
After a few minutes he got banned 30 days for trading non illegal items… I pressed on daily bonus and boom another ban worth 365 days, the 30 days ban already gone for months and i really want to someone answer me and help me get back my account unnbaned
my username is buzzcuts

It’s not a proper place to report such things. Please e-mail support instead:

Welcome to our forum by the way.


Besides moderators can only ban you for up to 30 days, so in this case most likely a mod banned the account for 30 days and later on admins increased that to 365 and so on.


Sorry. If your brother doesn’t listen and tries to continue just pu#$ @$% %$ %$# &%@$#. This is not the best place to talk about these issues, try contacting a moderator instead? Or send a message to support… From what I see, you’re not getting unbanned anytime soon…


ok i stop in forums and send gooder messages

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that’s not how the forum works, forums are made mainly for discussion. Unlike discord or other chatting apps, you are free to reply to anything you want. But in the forums, unnecessary replies can get you punished since they can count as spam and boosting messages.