Help me about st patrick

so i put everything in 1k cloverleafs for questline video that made by serxan

this is my question

  1. why the spirit sword not appear i tried so many phones pc and tablet
    2.when the pot spawned? (i was afk rn in CLOVERWAITER)

(you can get free by waiting but more ppls are there smashing pots you can get free 10 clovers :smiley: i have 25 rn for free)

it takes an hour to get the clovers and more, while the sword not showing off your shopscreen is a bug.

just join if you want more updates into it. ppl can buy it at their phones too.

hmm i dont see that but i just email

first i got 10 clovers after 10 - 15 minutes i got another

maybe ur lucky.

its in special items as they said, not in the gems section.
or clothing section.

its not in special items dude
even weareables

You might want to deleted that. I think you’ve just leaked your email and your real name.

lol forgot
but its auto thats mean he doesnt do anything

1.) so the IAP sword item is from what I heard bugged for quite a few people. Im sure this will be fixed in a day or two.

2.) The pot spawns are completely random. You could have them spawn 10 times in a hour or have no spawns for a few hours.