Help me pls

Hello Devs or jake My IGN:miiss I lost my dark ifirit wings and my scab which gave by my friend ethan_gaming for he quit after that day 1.8.2021 like i lost By Trade hack Pls help me and i was contacted to support mail @Jake @EndlesS @Dev

I think it has something to do about how you used the same account that got hacked before, even after changing the password

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uh what the…
why dont you tell your friend in other game or smth to gave back

He lost items which were given by his friend

eh forgot lol
dont see the topic clearly

Trade hack brother it auto trade and auto accpte like card hack

Well you shouldn’t have uselessly ping every admin you know, you can email and put the title of the email as Lost Bytes (maybe items) and give them the details

I did (20 charcters)

So just wait :man_facepalming:

I mean i did just got the auto replay im mad rn

what exactly do you mean by auto replay? do you mean auto reply? you should be happy since that means they’ve seen it

Owh auto replay mean they seen it?

that’s what I’ve heard

Lets wait (characters)

well auto-reply happens everytime, also it gonna be replied the real way at few days
like how i try to remove my email from my pw old acc