Help meh!

Im a bit curious about the trashing of item and i tried my pink bunny and it went gone how can i get it again? I told my sistersister i put it somewhere because she said i just wear it​:confounded::confounded::weary:

u cannot get back an item after trashing it


owwwwwww Noooooo… :dizzy_face:

Jc, a warning messages pops out asking if you are really sure if you want to trash an item, and that it cannot be returned.


lol rip ur bunny :sneezing_face:

You can’t get an item back after trashing it. Trashing it means leaving the item from your inventory when your trash it, its gone forever till you get the same item another time. meaning you’ll need to grind to get it.

I’m sorry to tell but there’s nothing you can do right now after trashing it.


if youve trashed it then you cant get it back, sister goes wild and spanks you for trashing that.

I’m not gonna judge, but considering you own a world that looks like that, I can’t imagine you being anyone but an experienced player. How can you not know trash means to literally destroy an item?


Guys i think my brain just committed susaid

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It’s his sisters world he’s using her account

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before you recycle an item, a window is displayed that clearly says if you are sure you want to recycle the item, the recycled items cannot be returned!


can you read ! I think you can’t.

What did you expect to happen, Jesus returning?
Your items won’t be


I just got back from a full day of scouts, and this is not helping my degrading mental state.

Is there? maybe i missed it

I thought theres an undo button to pop out so i can troll my sis

Im bit experienced like trading farming. and the world is ugly made by my sis :rofl:

Theres alot of people Commented the same. like trashing never get back, you cant read. I think thats spamming.

Well, apparently you can’t read if you think having a shared opinion equates to spamming in your eyes, despite no single person having said the same message even once.