Help to make PixelArt Better

Find the Differences :sweat_smile:

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I’m going to do it in-game soon, I’m just a little tired. :sleeping:
I can’t find the true colors do anyone know?

It’s ok. Overall I think this is cute!

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I agree on that there should be more Color-O-Mat colors to choose.

Anyways, your Mew pixel art still looks good! Reminds me of my childhood when I used to play and watch a lot of Pokémon :smile:

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The app I used didn’t have much color. I’m thinking of working a little harder and putting someone behind him trying to catch him.

Update 1 : Added Pokeball behind pokemon and pokemon color changed for So I don’t get distracted. It will be fixed after the whole world is over

And please feel free to tell me what I can add.

What if you add the blue particle on it

(Refering to the blue thing when you catch a Pokemon)

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1 is pink the other is blue?
Looks niceu

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I swear if I find that Shiny Mew, I’ll yeet my Masterball instantly.

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I hope i understood that right

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