Helping Hand

Hello my fellow Pixelians!. I’m making an entry for world of the week. I’m making a Story, Parkour and Puzzle world about:

A Group of Adventurers who Sacrifice to Know the Truth behind the Forsaken Monument in the presence of 5 Natures (Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Lightning)

The Theme of the world is: Forsaken/Abandoned/Ruins

• Decoration related to the theme.

And I would want to ask everyone’s help to all Unused decoration I could use in Making the world. (All players will be credited in the world)

Please Put your Help in my world name: YML

Thank you!

I am also Buying Ruin Blocks and Selling Pegasus Wings for 95wls!

do ya need spiders? 20

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That would be great :blush: Kindly please donate it at World YML

wow thats nice my farm world is ybl what a coincidence

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I donated things, but i got tons of things that could fit.
i just got very less each lol.


Thanks :heart_eyes:

I cleared the Donation Box Now :blush:

Could you come to YML for a moment?

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Okay… Ill be there

is donating bytecoins or world lock considerable?

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Umm I dont know :woman_shrugging:t3:

These are the items We got… Thanks Guys. If you still want to give Dm me or Donate In YML

Theres more It couldn’t fit

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This is the Monument Any thoughts?

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This is the Monument Any thoughts??


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It’s very nice maybe put something like grass or maybe zombie traps turned off on top of the statues head or artificial suns for the eyes I love the jewel blocks tho

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Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. I have decided that the world contains Logics, Puzzles,Sacrifices and needs a Team to Do it.

That looks awesome! I’m sure the world will be a world of the week!!!

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Dont let this flop :joy:

The first and Last part of the Mon. Any thoughts??

@1NB4 @mrdeath @HeyRicky