Hey everybody

Lol its deleted okay

Getting the Moderator Position isn’t supposed to be earned, it’s gained by trust from the developers, administrators and even the community. So if I we’re you, don’t work so hard just for a Moderator Position and instead just be yourself

I know i just want to see how i do ahah just you know a check up

Knowing what you did in the past is the part where you have to know for yourself :wink:

Hey thanks for the advice i try to be as active as possible and like i mean im trying to help people in need so i guess its a good step already

Make sure to not push yourself :smile:

Haha need the 8 hours daily sleep

Enjoy the game and let the time tell…
(Anyways ppls can still see edited post)

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That hurts lol but nah for real ill just you know stay chill get helping and yeah

says the future Wiki mod