Hey Forumers : )

Really happy the forums are back, and I’m a big fan of discourse! I was 132nd person on the old forums so I’ve been using the PW forums for quite awhile :sweat_smile: but I’m happy to be back! Hey everybody :hugs:


Heyy, welcome back to the new forums! Takes a bit of getting used to but yeah

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Loser (20characters)

Welcome to the new forums!


Is this the place to make such accusations?
Those kinds of accusations can ruin peoples’ lives and for all we know, that’s just a joke or they didn’t know you were a minor.

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I am very obviously a minor in that picture and I had told him as such before that. There’s a bunch of other stuffwith him being creepy that I’m not going to bring up right now, partially because I’m too lazy to find the sses, but Tyler is… Not good.

And he had said smtn like that before then and I told him to quit it so it’s not a joke. Tyler is just a creep.

I still don’t feel like this is a place to accuse people. In the end a screenshot proves really nothing. If you really want something to happen just make a report to the authorities.

So toxic, Idc for your rumors. Trying to say I’m being predatory when I was a minor in that img…

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They lie and spread rumors to get a reaction, I do not care for them :rofl: