Hey, it's on Discourse!

I think this is a good choice of forum software, as I have never seen any other forum software that had stuff like post lock timers, or unlisting posts.

Question for the mods: How much did the hosting cost? I heard that it’s a lot expensive to host Discourse, even though the software itself is open-source.

Plus, posts update in real-time so it eliminates the need to refresh.

However, their support is bad, and I mean it. They won’t respond unless you pay $100/month and will ban you from meta.discourse.org for absolutely nothing.
My example:

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I’ve never been on a forum using this engine before, but so far it seems pretty fancy. Reminds me of if Discord was a forum application instead of a live chat application.
The only downside that I’ve seen is limiting likes.
(I know there’s also slow loading a lot of people complained about, myself included, however that’s understandable considering the fact that the forums are brand new and probably aren’t used to high traffic.)

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The like limit is in place for the people that just give likes to every post, only to get a higher trust level.
If you only like the posts that you seriously want to like, you will not hit the limit.

I guess that’s fair.
I usually like every post that replies to me or my threads as a means to acknowledge their post so I don’t have to reply with “thanks” or something (and also need to bypass the 20 character limit).
Old habits die hard.