Hey PW artists read this ๐Ÿ˜Š

Hey so I made a new little sona and I need art for the critter
Iโ€™ve heard from several people that paying for art with bc is illegal so Iโ€™m willing to โ€œtipโ€ you with some bytecoins afterward :relaxed:

Message me or write here if youโ€™re interested ok :pray:


Thats like saying it is illegal to read a book but you are willing to read 1 page ._.


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But hosting art competitions for bytecoins is fine?
Think of this as an art competition where everyone wins! :open_mouth:

Everyone wins ok
where money

Yeah umm that isnโ€™t my new sona :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
No bytecoins for you

but itโ€™s not

If it is a competition then it is allowed (but not everyone should win). You can also do a giveaway where if someone makes a drawing of your furry, they can enter the giveaway

I know that a lot of peopleโ€™s self confidence could be crushed if I donโ€™t choose them as the winner though lol
But yeah, ig a competition would be better

If you dont wanna crush oneโ€™s self confidence, then hosting a giveaway would be better. If you got plenty of bytes, then you can just give an amount each to the people who enter. The only way people would enter is to submit a GOOD artwork of your furry.

If youโ€™re gonna reward someone for their Art Service, i see no problem at all.

yea i made a new thread

Trading byte coins or items for service outside the game is illegal.