Hey there and my backstory!

Hey guys, I’m new here :flushed: let me tell you a little about myself, though my name is wegrow it’s not at all related to growtopia, I’ve played both these games since basically release so I have quite a few years experience with the mini communities and marketplace within the games.

When I first started pixel worlds or should I say portal worlds, I was still an active growtopia player and stopped playing the game (pixel worlds) maybe a week after release; weeks later I did something illegal :see_no_evil: I traded pw wls for gt wls (note that I have already been punished for this, and these events occurred during the games release so this was a long time ago) ‘Twas around Christmas when the Xmas jetpack released when I really started getting interested with the game and put more time into it, I met a few friends a few of which were the richest players of all pixel worlds time. We met while fishing, all I did was fish…. and fish…. AND FISH…… oh and let me tell you I didn’t get a diamond ring till about my 10,000th attempt :frowning: devastating, I know. Around summer time is when I stopped playing the game, I took quite a few years break. I am now back with a new account, I’ve seen jake has left the community manager spot and was distraught. I am now very active in the game, I love to do secret base and fish…. Yep fishies oh fishies. Though I have not bought a single rod I still love to fish. I might buy one after this, ( a rod not a fish :rofl: )

Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to being active here, thanks!


Welcome to the community once again, I hope you experience the best within the PW community


Thank you Inzy, you t- or yeah thank you!


welcome, enjoy your stay.


Welcome to Pixel Worlds forum!



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Welcome back to the community. And welcome to the forums.

I remember seeing you around a bunch back in the day. Good to hear you’ve returned.

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Welcome back and good luck.

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