Hi players

hi l am new to the pixel worlds forum any tips

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Hey, welcome to forums! If you need help anytthing feel free to hit me up!

Welcome! Enjoy your stay and you know, don’t be afraid to try and get along with people!

ok thanks guys for the tips

Yeah you should try to get along with other players, because this forum is too small, only like 30-50 online everyday and 10-15 of them are active so yes, am just trolling here because the game is not getting back on :woozy_face:

Hey! Welcome to the forum. My tip is to read this page: FAQ - Pixel Worlds Forum and enjoy your conversations with others here!

what is your main account

Netherslayer79 is my account, and this account I have created yesterday because of this maintenance.

Welcome, enjoy your stay.

Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay! I would recommend going through tutorials first to get the gist of what you can do in the forums. I will be happy to help out if you are unsure how to start one.

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