Hiring admins for BYTE

BYTE is a project I started working on these past few days, it is a trading world and price world where players can check prices of items in bytes as we currently don’t have this type of world.

Admins will be given Minor Rights and will be responsible for moderating the world and updating prices all the time and GMing every now and then to spread awareness for the world.

The minimum requirements are to be at least level 50 and have an account age of at least 1,200 days and to be an active admin in the world.

Application format is below, make sure to fill it in.


Account Age:


How active are you:

On a scale of 1- 5 how familiar are you with prices:

Are you able to GM:

Username: Fazeus

Account age: somewhere at 250 days, I have been playing longer, it’s just my current main account.

Level: 71

How active i am: 1-4 hours a day, maybe less on summer

How familiar i am with prices: hmm, i’d say 3-4

Are you able to gm: Yes, not unlimited gm’s but i am able to do it atleast once or more daily.

Username: smile70
Account Age: idk i forgot
Level: 151
How active are you: 5 minutes/day
On a scale of 1- 5 how familiar are you with prices: I know sprite wings 1wl
Are you able to GM: :taco:


acc age: 1456?(1450+ days)
How active:3-4 hours a day
Prices: there something called pwe :sunglasses:

yes i can gm

Saying “yes” or “no” is overrated, taco is the new answer


Do admins get paid?

When did admins of worlds ever get paid?

why would anyone want to gm and contribute to a world where they get literally nothing in return :neutral_face:

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Should have specified, this is for people who want to help the community, like me. I’m spending hundreds of thousands of bytes because I want to provide a useful service to the community. Also, in all the history of price worlds I’ve never ever heard of admins getting paid to edit a sign and update a price.

because they were never obligated to do GMs. i think it’s fair to not pay someone if all they’re doing is editing a sign but if you make it a requirement that they GM, and hence LOSE something in exchange for nothing, that to me seems unfair.

And also sometimes it’s not just editing a single sign, because prices can change quite alot

Yes GMs are a requirement and you get paid nothing for it, so its up to you if you want to apply or not. If you want to help the community, apply.

Pick me me me pick me :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::sleepy::sleepy::sneezing_face::hot_face::hot_face::nauseated_face::fearful::anguished::worried::hushed::weary:

Usernome: tryhard_pro_noobxxprogtlolnoob

Acount age: 69 year

I play 27 hour evry day

I experttt on prices dracla cape worth big big lot of big coin

I gm every day omg I gm like 24/7 omggg.


Try to keep on topic guys.

? Yes…? I want to help not just have an active trade world.


Account Age: 2-3 years

Level: 112

How active are you: sometimes ALOT and sometimes not that much

I think 3 :confused:

Your welcome bro :slightly_smiling_face:

The world is progressing well I have a few tiers done already, looking for more applicants.

Username: SubOliverJ

Account Age: 1487

Level: 166

How active are you: 2-4 hours each day

On a scale of 1- 5 how familiar are you with prices: Pretty Good

Are you able to GM: yes

Username: Lukepop

Account age: 1,180+ days

Level 65

How active are you: 3-4 hours a day

on a scale to 1-5 how familiar are you with prices: 4-3

Are you able to GM: Sometimes