Hiring admins for GEAR

After the succesful project BYTE was completed, by chance I was given the opportunity to work on another one. The world is empty so I will have to build it first.

The world GEAR will be a new trading and price world for fishing and possibly mining gear (what do you think is a better idea?) I will need admins that are helpful and dedicated to look after people who visit the world and answer questions and such.

Application is here, similar to the BYTE one.


•Account Age

•Familiarity with Fishing prices:

•Familiarity with Mining prices:

•How often can you GM:

•How active are you h/ per day:

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around 100 days
I usually sell fishing items.
I usually sell mining items.
I can gm like 10-20 times a day (even more when im in a good mood :joy:)
2-3 hours a day depends tho since im in transition year and have work.

Whenever i want
2-3 hours

  • Fazeus
  • 280 days
  • Good
  • Good
  • Not much, im saving up for halloween…
  • 1-4 hours

Why does Global Messaging is covered by the “applying-for-admin(s)”?

Admins need to GM in the world, its not rocket science really.

I’m dead. I hope wouldn’t waste their gems just for nothing, what I mean by nothing…if the world would be dead in the end.

We got a fortune teller here, world hasn’t even been built but it has already died lmao.

I forgot to add “if”, my bad. There, added it.

Account Age:853+ days
Absolutely Good
Absolutely Good
Probably 1 hour atleast

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1.6k days
No idea
No idea
1 time every 3 months
currently 30min-1hr/day

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