Hiring miner!

Soo, saddly I got bad device, Soo I lag/disconnect every time I mine,like 2-3 times of 10 runs I can finish, other 7 I just lag,disconnect. Wich makes me lose profit.
Soo if u are interested, I got an idea: u can keep all stuff u get from mines unless nuggets, I prefer you get all nuggets from mines but it’s okay if u miss 1-3 nuggets in 1 run, for now I got 8 gold keys to finish, and if u are done, I’m going to sell keys and buy new keys, also u must have good gear, so it’s sure u can’t die because u had bad gear.

Soo please reply down below your world with donation box where I can leave these keys, and if u are done, u can donate nuggets in my world FAZEUS to donation box.

Have a nice day!

Bump bump, need miner!

Bumping once again… I really need miner.

idk i can, i have no set tho
selled them :joy:

U can’t mine without set and anyway I alr gave these keys to my friend.

Can I? I have master axe sturdy helement and miner bp exshoes exglove ex moustache mono of seeing deep dweller shirt