Soil Camouflage is back for the VIP prize. Was it a bug?
Or can anyone just tell me what is actually happen?

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daily bonuses and vip daily bonuses from november 2021 were meant to be in rotation ever since the old developers left and that is why their info includes only the month but not the year


Soo basically we have no way to know if the devs abandoned the game or not now.

So does that mean no new ones anymore?

Either this is part of some plan , perhaps bring values down

Or it’s no plan at all and just grab whatever we can cos there is nothing else !

I’ve fought against the ‘game is dead’ statement for a long time but I’m starting to wonder …

Why why why won’t the game owners tell the players what is going on ? Some plans perhaps , even that they have plans ! .

What happens when the last Dev leaves ?

Best part is, Siskea is going on holiday soon, and we won’t have ctalk in 3 weeks, which means we won’t have any direct communication with the devs, if any at all.

what is going on is greed and they would do anything if that means more money they earn, and in this case the funding for new daily bonus items is not profitable therefore they don’t do it

This means that the game is dead.