How can i appeal my ban?

Hi. Today i’ve got banned for 24h (yes, i know that i can just wait, but i want to play the game rn) for trying to sell my world named “NlGER”. The reason was “offensive language”. How can i appeal my ban? I havent done anything bad/offensive.

Well the world name itself is kinda offensive for some ppl, but you can message the pw support:

I didnt think about it in that way, just tried to resell some worlds with country names.

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You can explain your side, send an email like what i have said

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Okay, i will. Thanks.

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Yeah, that is a very stupid reason to get banned for. Some moderators don’t think before punishing players, so they probably have just misunderstood. I suggest just emailing and have patience, unfortunately…

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Have you already sold that world? if you havent yet then can you say how much it cost ?

No, i havent. You can give me your offer. Just wanna tell that i is lower-case L (l)



Hey, send me a PM so we’ll be able to finalize the trade.