How can i send my design suggestion?

for halloween:
pixil-gif-drawing (2)

just a cool hair i drew:
pixil-frame-0 (10)

i have the frames for the gif one.
i want to know if they are worth to send, if they are how can i


Just send it to their email and leave this here the first one looks kinda unsettling but ok.

Well… to send a design suggestion, you need either to post it on forums in the #community-creations:art category, or on discord on the #pw-suggestions channel and make a description of your item(s).


thanks, i will send the second one to kukouri’s mail. what should i write to them?

thanks i will try what tellcode said

It should go like
“Item suggestion for Halloween”
I made two items that I wish would be added to the game and here are there sprites and item Info boxes I hope these get added!.

thank you my guy :smiley: you helped me alot

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best way right now i think is support email, cuz if suggesting an item it need sprites, like i did, i have designed 4 halloween items which i sent to support already with title “for siskea” all is up to her just to copy-paste this items to game files

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ah hope they get in they all look amazing!

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The hair is excellent imo …

Great job…

thanks, i got some help from a character that i forgot name of

As of right now, there’s no artists in Kukouri to make it own

You could make it to the game with the whole sprite sheet EndlesS posted on Instagram, it takes alot of work and frames to make it in.

i actually made a proper animation for the first one, it was just not done when i post this
there it is
maybe the animation can look like this

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Yo that’s really cool

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