How can you obtain Onion Mask?

Some people have already got it… How can you get it? I think there is a new daily quest that give you the mask but I’m not sure…

Clan quest.
Kill the wraith miniboss.

No, i believe it was a admin appreciation item put in pwe. I might be wrong though

Yes from what I’ve heard, this is how.

Do note that you could get other items from the quest, like a recall magnet. The rewards are similar to “Like a Dragon”'s quest rewards.

It is from clan quest, I already did the quest and got it, however I think the onion mask don’t have 100% chance of getting from quest

Clan quest: kill wraith miniboss i think

where did you hear that from??

its in the description.

Why everyone trying to get this

Onions are healthy, onions are tasty, onions can be used in many dishes and they are fans of the TOR network.


Darknet took the kids ;-;

Because If they Are one of first people to get it, they could sell it with extra profit.

To become Shrek, you must first eat onions on a daily basis.

All intern appreciation items are obtained through daily or clan quests