How do I delete my PW account

Is there any way to do so?

No. I think you used to be able to contact support and request them to ban your account, but I’m not sure anymore.

Of course. PW is accelerating towards the grave at an unbelievable pace and they don’t even allow me to leave.

Not that I’m for you leaving, but you don’t have to delete your account to quit.

sounds like you made the topic to say this instead of wanting to actually delete your account

the best u can do is go on the pw unity site and request all of ur collected data to be deleted, accounts cant be deleted

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change password to random letters and log out if you actually want to stop yourself from logging back in.


oh yeah big brain time

Nobody is forcing you to stay if you don’t want to be here anymore. The problem is that you made an excuse to hold yourself back.

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You can’t forget pw. Even if you’ll quit, then you still remember pw and probably… will back into it


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