How do you actually fish

  • How do you fish?
    [i even bought the titanium rod, but still cant caught one]]

id alays get ‘‘fish lost’’ and wasted around 10k gems of baits for fish lost, all i got is treasures.

so hard for me, very hard.

You should probably get a fish amulet to prevent losing fishes. Also, what kind of titanium rod are you using? Is it the superior kind or basic?


b a s i c r o d

how much is fish amulet? exp? cry

That explains it, you’re using a crappy titanium rod.You need to at least get the superior one otherwise it’s going to be hard to reel.

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can u tell me lastly, can u suggest me a bait and a rod to start with? i wanna start fishing because yes

Do you have discord?

First of all, ALL BASIC RODS ARE TRASH (and will hardly give you profit)

If you want to profit, make sure to have at least a fine rod, or just get a superior bamboo for starters…

Titanium Rods would usually use around Uncommon to Ultra Rare lures, since it takes a long time to strike with common lures (don’t get me started with golden spoon -_-).
This is why it’s best to use bamboo for a starter, it is viable to all type of lures.

If you have spare budget, go buy a fishing amulet. It prevents your lure from getting stolen.


this is helpful, my bugdet is around 30wls i can really buy a superior now.
thank you so much

i do. inb4#3624… thanks anyways

Amulet is not as expensive. You should get it for 6-7 wls. Below you got full info.

ive bought it and im getting improvements! kinda annoying to think that some of the fishes are too fast to be caught, but atlest im getting better. thanksfortheinfo!

You should get a toga. It slows down the fish speed.

ill be looking for that. ty for le suggestion