How does " Depth " play a role when fishing?

Hello, my name is (Moayad) In the game, and I love fishing!

Here’s my problem, I bought carbon fiber superior and a fishing set, and then I bought 88 Radioactive Worm Bait for 4400 BC (because I heard acid puffer is the most profitable fish in terms of gems and byte coins), I went to a fishing world to start fishing at 18th depth but i got only 2 Acid Puffers from 38 baits, I think this is extremely unfair since it says " Excellent chance at catching Acid Puffer, good chance for other fishes" but all i’m getting is herring mostly (which is the worst) and other fishes.
So I had a thought in my mind maybe i’m playing in the wrong depth?

Any explaination please? Thank you

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well, it depends on the orb and the world ur in, maybe try going into a deeper depth, possibly 20-22,

i recommend going to the world fishing as it has fast strike and a better chance of catching acid puffers

What world do you recommend? I honestly go to “Tunago” which has 18-20 depth. Still not getting any Acid Puffer at depth 18

One of developers confirmed (long time ago) that orbs don’t affect fishing. It’s all about depth.

Alright, thats great. but what depth do I starting fishing to have a great chance at catching Acid Puffer with my carbon superior rod? should I go maximum depth (which is 20 in that fishing design world)?

I have no idea what the best depth is for Acid Puffer. Find some active fishing worlds and ask the people who fish there maybe

Alright, thank you very much

I am pretty sure another dev confirmed orbs do make a difference though?


Alright guys, just a quick update, i only got 5 acid puffers out of 88 baits, i think info must be changed to “Excellent chance at catching acid puffer, good chance at catching other fishes " to " Excellent chance at catching other fishes, poor chance at catching acid puffer”, i’m upset I spent that much Bytes for nothing, i’m not asking to get huge or large sizes of acid puffer, just at least 15-20 out of 88 but even if tiny or small sizes, but nope.


That’s why I stick to angler and fish at NEO. Acid puffers are a scam. It’s just there to be a rare surprise.

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probably the only thing i could agree with you, anglers are more profitable and the baits are cheap

Depth plays a major role, it determines the species of the fish you’ll catch (most likely). You getting so many less puffers may stem from a weak fishing set? Could you mind uploading a picture of your fishing set?

It determines the species
otherwise catching huge kingfish would be impossible.

Oh right woopsie doopsie.

Acid puffer isn’t a fish you can catch easily.
Fish sea angler instead and treat the acid puffer ( if you get one that is minimum a medium one) as a bonus.

Yes follow greenwolf. It’s a good idea. For me acid puffer isn’t a fish for profit but a trophy, catching huge acid puffers is hard.

Most likely how often bigger fishes you catch when going deeper?

You would have caught way more acid puffers if you fished in acid instead of any other liquid. The depth should be more or less than 20 blocks.