How does my set looks?

How does my set looks :smiley:


And the title and this post should be
“How does my set look?”
"How dose my set looks
Aldo did you get the pun >:D I am very naughty ikr ikr

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“Look”, not “looks”.

its fine, but 5/10 cause I hate the hair

it looks like $$$$$$$$$$$

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Please explain the pun
I seem to didnt understand it

Because of the hair and the wing its a 6.5 out of 10

Yeah i typed too fast and i had few mistakes :smiley:

Bruh there are no better hairs :confused:

Cool. Cool is also a word for cold and this set is ice themed which is cold.

ohhhh alr thanks.
pov: u r tellcode

Thank you thank you, that is literally me but mgr.

It looks great in my opinion! The use of blue is consistent from top to bottom, and my favorite color is blue so I really like your set. :slight_smile: