How I almost lost 80+ Platinum Locks over a phone call

This happened to me recently, be aware of this dangerous thing.

One day I was in my collection world having a chat with my friend and one other person. Then my granny called me. After the call ended guess what had happened: I came back to my world to see that there are 2 holes in my collection, exposing almost 100 wls worth of items. Luckily it didn’t get stolen. No one has rights in my world. So what exactly happened here?

Apparently iPhones have this feature that when someone calls you the game will stay open. So what happened here was that I was talking to my granny without closing the game and my ear was touching the display which interacted with the game and caused the two blocks to be destroyed.

I was DANGEROUSLY close to breaking my world lock. About 2-3 blocks away from the breaking spot. My collection has an estimated value of 80 platinum locks, I would have certainly quitted the game. I was really lucky and I wouldn’t even have cared if my 100 wls were stolen, at least I didn’t break my wl. I am blessed by the Pixel Worlds Gods once again.

Oh, and actually I don’t think this feature works for android devices, so if you have an android phone you should be safe I think.

Moral of the story: learn from my mistake, close your game when someone calls you. And also don’t own an iPhone.


Bless PWGOD, those scammers should be banned. your lucky.


not sure what you mean

He didn’t mention any scammers.
Do you want to ban Tim Cook for creating that iPhone feature or what?

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Technically the devs arw the PW Gods…
But that was a very close call

By the way, I’m saying “Pixel Worlds Gods” because whenever I get really lucky in Pixel Worlds I wanna thank someone, so I came up with Pixel Worlds Gods

just woke up at that time. Just wanna say be careful next time. I can’t read that long since i just waked up…

woah, your lucky was anyone in the world when it happened?

Yes, my friend and one other guy

Interesting case, thanks for the awareness though. We hope nobody of the iOS players gets affected by this.