How i can dowload game themes/songs/voice?

Ive been thinking one awesome idea, but it needs game music or whatever you wanna call it. I wanna know how you can make that with mobile. Yes i know i can screen rec and get voice by that but i mean like the voice file.

sorry if you dont understand my english, its not my real language

I mean, Youtube Video to MP3 Converter exists, iirc

If I am correct, there are these kind of apps available.

Hi Pvpenderman!

Your English is very understandable to me.:fire::fire: You don’t need to worry about your English skills, We can improve together.

There are many on the web that can download audio files from youtube. You can try typing “Youtube MP3 Downloader” in the google search box.

You can also download a “Youtube MP3 Downloader” app from Play Store/App store.:blush:

Hope my tips help. :heart:

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once i just downloaded the sanic theme on some website that is probably not a virus ridden hole. I guess you could also just google sound files online

Honestly, I don’t know why he even mentioned it. His English skills are good, and so are yours. I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell that English wasn’t his native language, had he not suggested otherwise.

What song are you trying to use?