How is a 2017 pickle 1 year old? How rare is it?

Pickle familiars are from 2017 and they are a vip bonus prize, but I saw a pickle that’s one year old. Does anyone have an explanation? How rare is the pickle?

Surely a admin who added that pickle for extremely rare case like someone had a pickle and got scammed by the world key bug and admin added a new one or something like that.

Or maybe that pickle was added to be given away or smth

The pickle egg can just be placed 1 year + the growth time of a pickle so its 1 year old

I don’t think there ever was a pickle egg


There is no pickle egg lol
Familiars won from the vip spins dont give you an egg

And they were def handed out by admins
I remember people talking about this on discord but that was a while back lol

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simple, magic.

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Uhh… What?

So there are 2 unnamed ninja pickles in the pwe, both priced the same and are the same age. So most likely those are both owned by the same person. But how?

Xeo just explained it 2 comments above…

And the reason both of them are the same age is because admins gave the hack (I assume) victims their pickles back the same day

I’m kinda sure that one of those are from a friend of mine. I remember him telling me that he lost a Ninja Pickle due to an in-game bug. I told him to e-mail the support with the respective evidence, and some days later he got his Ninja Pickle back, but it was 0 days old back then. (Yes, I did witness it).

If you are wondering what kind of bug it was, it was related to the In-game Trading System. Apparently, in his screen it showed that he was receiving a good amount of World Locks for it, but he never received them. Fortunately, he recorded an provided the time at which it was done, so yeah.