How is a Growtopia world like a maze?

You have to find your way around the spammers.


So true man, like I can’t even see a dang thing because they keep on messaging

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Seriously, GT mods are not even trying anymore. Casino worlds are like a hydra, nuke one, 3 more pop up… And if someone is caught in a casino world, they do not even get BANNED, they just get CURSED for 8 hours regardless of how many times they done that.

not to mention their trading system is kinda suck. you need to keep an eye on the chat menu or else you will not see the people that want to trade with you.

Yeah… there’s even trade scammers that are harder to catch. I once had a IOTM called a growformer, and when I tried to sell it for 50 wl, this guy changed it to 1 wl (I had sound off) so I couldn’t hear. traded my item and it was too late. The guy kept saying, “GET SCAMMED LOLLLLL”. I dislike GT.

broo :joy::joy: gt players in a nutshell

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That’s on you to be fair, there’s a trade confirmation screen for a reason.

In GT, when I was still new, I got scammed in 10 minutes lol. What a game, what has happened to a once good game…

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It’s not that they don’t want to do anything about it, Ubisoft just tells them to leave casinos, illegal trading and bots alone :blush:

And they don’t do anything to them, because if they do, they’ll lose people, because tons of people in GT play just for that

no wonder mods completely gave up on banning spam bots like they used to lol

Another reason is because most mods now have mod for show.