How many gems does it take to get a legendary?

Just wondering that how many gems does it usually take to get a legendary item from blacktower.

Now I am asking this from the people who have gotten a legendary before.

Also considering that you aren’t garbage at black tower.


It’s not about gems, it’s about luck firstly…

Jake sad that the chance of getting a legendary is like 2% by a box…

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Wow those are pretty good if you ask me. 1 million gems will get you like 1333 runs. So if you complete them all you will get 5332 chests. Seems like it really is down to luck. I have heard that people have spent millions of gems for 0 legendaries.

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It’s maybe because they didn’t reach the top, as jake said again, legendaries spawn at the top more than they spawn in the middle of the way.


Yes. I also watched somekind of a stream clip of him talking about how like 50 percent of the legendaries spawn at the top.


Lol bro i’m being honest, I got the spirit swords and the wings on my first 10 tries last year. Its like casino, if you ask me. But anyway ez wls :sunglasses:


I used 3.4mil gems last year dont have your hopes up lol
i got a mask in the last hour of the black tower

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I am not sure but I think if you still have the mask you made profit xD

I would have made profit even without the mask btw

If you take everything from the tower you 100% make profit

I sold all of the blocks and props for 9 Pls + Mechanical wings and a doge cape

And i also got the ghost wings + the full witch hunter set and 999 candies to spare

Nice. Nice. Nice. Nice. yes

That’s because 50% of the prize boxes are at the top

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But yeah, don’t think that every one hundred boxes you will get two legendary items. It could happen, though.

Must be cap, I know how rare do 2% feel like. And the legendaries in Black Tower are definitely are lower than 2%, feels like some 0.2%

I do not know where that 2% came from but all that Jake said was that according to the chances you should get 3 legendary items in 1000 towers. And remember that it is all randomized and nothing is guaranteed; you could go 2000 towers without a legendary item or get a legendary item within your first 10 towers.