How many legendaries you have?

i have dabomba dynamite, tridentist shirt, witch hunter weapon and ray-gun i only have many ultra rares but low legendaries :frowning:
how many you have and what the item name?

you also can discuss here :open_mouth:

well jorogumo legs and eh i dont really have any other ledgendarys lol

Thor Helmet is my one and only Legendary Item

I have had Retributor Jump Pack and Tridentist Teeth which I have already sold. I already used entire sets of Punchpool and Night Chick for the quest. Also, I have Blackbird set in one of my safes currently.

Do note that Huge Sea Angler/Tuna is also a Legendary Item

I have Dark sprite wings, Green bouncer shoes, Green bouncer shirt, Green bouncer pants, Galactic champions pants, Galactic champions shirt, Night chick boots, sup-a-fly mask, Robo chick suit, Robo chick gloves, Robo chick mask, Robo chick gloves, and Ice queens cape.

aes sidhe? i don’t think i have any,

None, but I don’t really mind.

Legendary soil, candy knight katana, winter fox tail.
I have had more but sell or use them.